“I love that Make Muse built their magazine on diversity, inclusivity, and body positivity. They also aren’t afraid to talk about controversial issues from different viewpoints… Make Muse is reinventing print magazine, and I’m so here for it!” -Alexis

“All articles are either written by their all-woman team or submitted by femme-identifying, female, or non-binary individuals.  This creates a safe space that allows the reader to immerse themselves into what they are reading as if it was their own writing.” -Olivia

“Though I initially learned about Make Muse online, they recently released their first print issue which contains a collection of op-eds, open letters, illustrations, poetry, and articles of kinds. [Since receiving my copy], I have since devoured the mag.” -Karina

“Make Muse just launched their first print magazine!! It’s over 100 pages of self-love, growth, and more.” -Kendra

“I love how Make Muse is founded on the ideals of activism and creativity - it teaches young women to challenge expectations and create whatever space they want for themselves.”-Caroline

“There’s nothing like the sweet smell of a fresh newspaper! Because of this, I love that Make Muse has a print and digital issue, because it makes for the perfect coffee table book. The issue itself is beautifully put together, and I could spend hours flipping through it.” -Katiee

The magazine is beautiful and something I can put on my lounge table in my room… I’m someone who always love to share about new things I’ve discovered in the world of Feminism and Activism, which is Make Muse’s key combo!” -Bielle

“These pieces tackle issues such as body, fashion, activism, education, and more in ways that frame womxn as active participants in their own lives and in this world, rather than passive objects meant to serve others. It completely subverts the male gaze, and I am HERE for it.” -Annabelle


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