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Providing muse to make a change to feminine societal standards with beauty, art, aesthetic, and the written word.

Maura sheedy. founder and development.


Makeup or no makeup, Maura always strives to be her real, authentic self. She spent a year without wearing makeup in high school and has since channeled her project into changing all societal standards- beauty, business, leadership, and more through platform Make Muse.

Currently studying Business Management at Fordham's Gabelli School of Business with a minor in Digital Tech and Emerging Media, she's an involved student, leader, writer, and entrepreneur. She heads outreach for #HalfTheStory and is committed to using media in a positive way. She proudly calls New York City her new home and loves spending her days exploring the city and meeting new people. All of her free time is devoted to advancing Make Muse, as it is her passion. 

Her current faves: Turmeric lattes, Clothing swaps, and Poetry.


Beth Brandon. Editorial.


Beth is a freelance writer, blogger, and television producer living in Southern California. Originally from Satellite Beach, Florida, she spent much of her early feminist days living in Chicago working in sports, then back to Florida to earn a masters in fine arts at the Florida State University film school in screen and play writing. She's a mom to two hilariously witty boys who consistently inspire her and help her to question the roles of gender and identity politics. She smartly married a man who supports her need to speak out early and often, and who also makes the best ribs she's ever had in her life. A self-proclaimed mom-tivist, she is active in both local and national politics, particularly those that relate to women's rights, health care, and gun control.


Her current faves: sleep, spinning class, Trader Joe's Irish whiskey, fresh flowers, and the Instant Pot.


Kathryn Hornyak. editorial. 


Kathryn is a New Media and Digital Design major and double minor in English and Art History at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York, NY. She is passionate about the intersection of technology, art, and literature and how those things can be combined to make difficult or obscure topics relevant to people’s lives. She loved her all-female high school education and is excited to contribute to a space dedicated to
amplifying the voices of young women doing cool things—on any scale. Kathryn is a proud New York Women in Communications Scholar (2016).



Her current faves: Chef’s Table, Ballet, Video Essays, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA!


Luiza Sandru. Design.


Luiza is a recent Masters’ graduate that works in digital marketing and is currently living in Essex, UK. She is someone that loves trying everything creative, so you will find her doing everything from writing copy, to managing social media accounts and taking pictures. But her biggest love is that of graphic design. Whenever she visits London you will definitely find her getting some food in China Town and a bubble tea to go for the train ride back. She hopes that soon she will make London her home. At least until the next adventure begins! 


Her current faves: matcha lattes, cat videos (as she is renting so no cats allowed!), and too many books to fit on the bookshelf.


MElina triffon. Photography.

Melina is a recent graduate from the Scripps School of Visual Communication at Ohio University where she studied commercial photography and marketing. Melina loves to help women feel beautiful through her photography. She is happiest behind the camera with Drake playing on set. As a lover of all art forms, she also enjoys print making clothing with feminist quotes and graphics. Melina comes from a large family which has influenced her loud and outgoing personality. You can find her porch chillin' with her sisters and wiener dog posse.

Current Faves: Glossier lip gloss, Flaming Hot Cheetos, Sweetener, Having Pedicured Feet, and Broad City.


Lidija Jurovich. Beauty + Body Content. 

lidia jurovich

Lidija is a rising junior at the University of Maryland pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in Non-Profit Leadership. Growing up on the West Coast, Lidija has learned that traveling and meeting new people is one of her favorite things to do. She hopes to create her own non-profit clothing company with proceeds benefiting victims of child abuse or pursue a career in marketing for empowering and inclusive clothing or beauty companies. Currently, she is a brand ambassador for Aerie, where she works to promote body positivity and empowerment on UMD’s campus.

Her current faves: 80s pop hits, ShakeShack, This Is Us, Driving through DC


Vivian Yang. Fashion Content

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Vivian is probably the most extra person you will ever meet. She loves everything fashion, beauty, and feminism. She is a major Potterhead and loves everything Harry Potter related. She is a proud Hufflepuff meaning she values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. If you can't find her, she is probably wandering in Manhattan.

Her current faves: Harry Potter, Mint Tea, and Daisies


Kelly Friday. Career Content. 

Kelly Friday

Kelly is an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a major in Health Information Management and a minor in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. She is dedicated to the University’s Handbell Ensemble, of which she is the Vice President and currently holds a student position in the Infectious Diseases Division at Pitt. When she isn’t trolling for new music for the Ensemble, she spends her free time wandering bookstores, always on the hunt for the next gripping page-turner. As part of the Make Muse Team, she uses her experience in the male-dominated professional sphere to empower more women to join the competitive workforce, particularly in underrepresented fields.


Current faves: Star Trek (the OG), bamboo plants, Fall Out Boy’s latest album-length masterpiece, and her mom


Caroline Geithner. Education Content. 

caroline geithner

Caroline is a current English major at Georgetown University with a passion for writing, psychology, travelling, and photography. Growing up just outside of New York City, she spent many of her weekends in high school exploring the city, and now does the same in Washington D.C. She tutors underprivileged children in Washington D.C. and has become passionate about children’s equal access to education, including gender barriers that disadvantage young girls.

Her current faves: Acai bowls, Gilmore girls, Iced lattes, and Polaroid cameras


Sienna Brancato. Politics + Government Content. 

sienna brancato

Sienna is a proud Italian American who grew up on Long Island (she has been told she has a bit of an accent). She is a sophomore at Georgetown studying English, Italian, and Government. Her passions include feminism, reading, spoken word poetry, and awkward dancing. Her favorite TV shows include The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Last Week Tonight. In her free time, you can catch her listening to the Civil Wars while eating an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and wearing fuzzy pajamas.

Her current faves:  Pita bread with nutella, Frank's hot sauce, Christmas lights, and Ripped jeans



Melanie Rodriguez. Activism Content. 

Melanie Rodriguez

Melanie Rodriguez from Miami, Florida is a rising college freshman at Florida International University majoring in Journalism. In addition to her love for the written word, Melanie is also an avid performer and producer. She combines her passions with her dedication to political activism to approach these topics in a creative manner; she hopes to create a non-profit organization in the near future to address these issues through youth interaction. Melanie is eager to work with Make Muse to enact social change through creative means. 

Her current faves: Musicals, Poetry, Tea, Piano, and Pixar Movies


Caitlin Panarella. Community + Relationships Content. 

Caitlin Panarella

Caitlin Panarella is a writer, reader and grammar enthusiast, and is currently studying English and Women and Gender Studies at Georgetown University. After watching Miss Representation in high school, she developed a passion for analyzing media and literature portrayals of gender. When she’s not planning out trips around the world, you can find her running her favorite routes all over D.C., sipping tea while reading a book, or (re)watching Stranger Things. She’s thrilled to be a part of the Make Muse team and support women telling their own stories!


Her current faves: Fairy tale retellings, Earl Grey tea, Semicolons, and all things Jane Austen


Olivia Jimenez. Entertainment Content


Olivia Jimenez is twenty years old from Miami, Florida. She is a student at Georgetown University where she is studying English and Psychology with a minor in Film and Media Studies. In her free time, you can find her watching The Office, thinking about house plants, or searching for a chocolate chip cookie. She is excited to join the Make Muse team to develop her feminism and artistic expression while contributing to a necessary and beautiful space.

Her current faves: Moonrise Kingdom, Chocolate in all forms, croquetas, and Billie Eilish


Mary Sutton. Art Content. 

Mary Sutton

A 17 year old coffee addict, Mary can be found in bed with a cup of coffee, watching a cheesy romantic comedy. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she self-identifies as a city girl and plans to join the University of Pittsburgh class of 2022 in the fall. In addition to rom-coms, she enjoys drawing, her Prius, and early 2000's pop music. Growing up in a male dominated environment, Mary is passionate about the gender issues that permeate all aspects of society and hopes to contribute to the conversation, especially through art.

Her current faves: Almond torte, Black coffee, and Crew-neck sweatshirts

Karolina HAUSSMAN. Social media. 


Originally from Poland, Karolina is now living in the UK and studying Business Management at the University of Essex. She has been playing volleyball for 7 years, so 80% of her friends are tall, long-legged athletic girls who always have her back. She is passionate about volunteering at mega-sporting events, listening to movie and video game soundtracks, and telling very detailed stories. On a night out, she will dance to Beyoncé even if she's the only Single Lady on the dance floor (which actually happened once), but don’t be afraid to join her. even be afraid if she's to join the her- maybe you will get in Formation.

Her current faves: (A bit too) ripe pineapple, Coffee syrups - yes, all of them, and Alternative electro emotional ukulele screamo music