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Make Muse is an online magazine dedicated to highlighting the vast and varied experiences of young women, girls, femmes, and non-binary individuals and all of the cool things they do--on any scale. We’re a team of feminists, and if that word scares you, this might be the right place for you to explore what the f-word actually means through daily news, creative content, submitted work, and regular interviews. 

With a curated collection of pieces available daily on our website, social media, and in our roundup weekly newsletter, we make it easy to stay informed and inspired to fight for female equality. Our Monday through Friday article collection dives into the topics of gender and feminism and their impact on body, career, politics, lifestyle, and art. The best of these stories make our weekly newsletter, sent out right when you need a distraction every Sunday night.

We're passionate about being a community, providing a platform for you to share your own work, and sharing true stories about real people. Along with our regular contributors of writers, photographers, and artists, we invite you to submit your work for inclusion on the website and in future print publications.

We encourage men, women, those who identify as neither, both, or somewhere in between to interact with content and submit work. Though we seek to amplify the collective voices of female-identifying creators, we understand that this issues we talk about must include conversations with members across the spectrum of genders. We want to amplify and accessify the voices of all. 

 Some of the Make Muse team members. 

Some of the Make Muse team members. 


Make Muse originally began as an Instagram account @makeuplessmaura tracking founder Maura Sheedy’s quest to spend a year without wearing makeup. After a year long experiment, she came to the conclusion that beauty standards are not the only expectations for females that need to change.

Women and girls are changing this world. We're making headlines and we're making our voices heard. Make Muse's mission is to amplify and accessify articles, opinion pieces, editorials, art, photography, and stories of real people that offer a perspective on gender roles and female equality in our society and culture.


One afternoon at the beginning of her junior year of high school during a conversation with friends about makeup, hair, and outfits for later the night, Make Muse founder Maura Sheedy could not help thinking about how much time, energy, and money are devoted to looking “perfect.” Then the idea hit her.

“Guys what if I went an entire year without makeup?”

A few days later, her blog-style Instagram account @makeuplessmaura was born.

During  her year  without makeup,  Maura posted daily  with makeup-free updates,  positive encouragement, rants  on social expectations of beauty,  natural makeup recipes, even filmed  interview on the subject of makeup and  real beauty, as well as updates on her own  experience with makeup and body image. Maura's  goal became to dive as deep into the issue and  explore all sides. @makeuplessmaura then became about  changing the face of the beauty industry and promoting  overall self-acceptance. The account had the goal of inspiring  people to reconsider the idea that beauty is only associated with  makeup and to be aware of the flaws of the beauty industry.


Today, Maura's experience living a a makeup-free year and updating her account @makeuplessmaura remains a defining period in her life. Her goal is to continue to reshape the way people think about beauty and inspire others to be confident in their skin, with or without makeup with her new initiatives on Make Muse (formerly MAKE by makeupless). As a feminist and go-getter, she hopes to now prove that ALL existing and emerging female expectations and standards- relating not just to beauty and body, but in business, leadership, activism, art, fashion, and more- must be challenged.